Turning Basin Service is an ISO 9001:2015 certified vehicle processor that provides custom software and innovative logistics solutions for some of the largest and most successful automobile manufacturers in the world. Below are a select few of the many services provided.

Port Processing Management and Operation

Turning Basin Service sets standards designed to exceed the expectations of our customers and deliver results. We manage and ensure efficient logistics and security for some of the world’s leading carmakers. From receipt of a vehicle to the moment it leaves our possession, Turning Basin Service aims to provide efficient, and quality service. Fully trained technicians are employed to provide vehicle movement, location and storage, accessory installation, full battery services, vehicle maintenance, and more.

Logistics Advisory Services and Consultation

Turning Basin Service provides innovative solutions at every step in the vehicle processing chain to support the sales efforts of our clients. Using institutional knowledge, we help our clients identify and layout the most efficient use of space, determine the most effective processes to protect, store, move, service and accessorize vehicles, and design software solutions to meet a client’s specific needs.

Real Time Tracking of Vehicles

From pre-arrival to processing and storing to shipping of the vehicle; our proprietary, custom designed software provides our clients (OEMs and car carriers) with real-time access to available inventory.

Accessory Installation

Turning Basin Service employs expert accessory technicians to handle all finished vehicle accessorizing needs. Installers are extensively trained and certified to work accurately and efficiently with quality and excellence as the primary baseline. Accessory options range from basic throw-ins to extensive technical installations, such as spoilers, splash guards, Homelinks, trailer hitches, and much more.

Parts Management, Inventory, and Warehousing

Turning Basin Service can handle all your parts inventory needs. Our staff receives, handles, and distributes all product with care, allocating parts on a FIFO basis. Our software system tracks and reconciles received, installed, transferred, and non-conforming parts and provides the ability to filter and create customized reports.

Administrative Support

Turning Basin Service provides professional, competent, and friendly staff to support our operations. Each member of our team is focused on providing the best possible customer service.

Quality Management

Our ISO certified quality management system provides the framework for pursuing the process approach. This involves the systematic definition and management of processes and their interactions, so as to achieve the intended results in accordance with the strategic direction of the company and our customer requirements. This enables understanding and consistency in meeting requirements, consideration of processes in terms of added value, achievement of effective process performance, improvement of processes based on data and information, and risked-based thinking aimed at taking advantage of opportunities and preventing undesirable results.

Analytical Reporting

ETRACS’ comprehensive collection of vehicle data and tracking of vehicle movement through the production process allows Turning Basin Service to research, analyze and resolve errors as well as provide accurate and timely answers to customer inquiries. Our skilled team of supervisors are able to interpret the data and propose solutions based on institutional knowledge and ground-level experience.

Rail Loading and Unloading

Turning Basin Service employs a qualified team of professionals capable of loading and unloading rail in a safe and efficient manner.  

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Need to get in touch with us? Visit our contact page and send us a message.

Contact Us

Need to get in touch with us? Visit our contact page and send us a message.