ETRACS is a task-driven software system which allows customers, third-party vendors, and employees a comprehensive, real-time view of vehicle inventory.  By capturing each task, or “work-order”, ETRACS is able to provide precise, detailed information while tracking the vehicle through the production process and creating a complete record.  The precise tracking of the vehicle ensures accountability and vehicle integrity for our clients.  In addition, the interface between client, vendors, and processor allows for seamless billing, reporting, and real-time modifications. 

ETRACS contains built in priorities to protect against errors and ensure the policies and procedures of our clients are followed.  The program is customizable, and can be adapted to the changes, requests, or growth that is expected of an ever-changing vehicle process. As with any of our systems, Turning Basin Service is continuously improving ETRACS, focusing on feedback from clients, vendors, and employees. 

ETRACS Applications throughout the Vehicle Production Process


Allows users to:

  • Review vehicle files prior to arrival; updating and amending as necessary

  • Assign predefined rules and/or priorities to work orders and vehicles

  • Reconcile parts inventory against pre-arrival work orders

  • Track arrival of rail and sea voyages


Vehicle location is established within the pad and tracked in detail throughout vehicle process.


The intuitive user interface allows for:
  • Production Scheduling

  • Precise tracking of the vehicle provides customers with a real-time view of progress

  • Automated updates to part inventory as work orders are completed and inventory is utilized

  • Automated control of QC process

  • Release of vehicle into truck logistics screen allowing accessibility and visibility to third party carriers to build outbound loads

  • Release of vehicle into rail logistics screen by end destination, priority and vehicle type to allow for most efficient rail make-up


ETRACS is integrated with carriers allowing vehicles to be identified and built into loads.


ETRACS receives, allocates, distributes, and tracks all parts inventory .


ETRACS schedules, maintains, and tracks predetermined maintenance services, repairs, stop orders, and faults completed at the port


ETRACS is integrated with our client’s payable systems to simplify the billing process. Invoices are generated and routinely submitted as dictated by administration.


Unique identification and passwords for all users to control access and insure accountability.


A detailed record is kept of the vehicle throughout the processing chain allowing for limitless ways to capture data and generate reports.

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Need to get in touch with us? Visit our contact page and send us a message.