Karl Ransleben, C.P.A


Karl Ransleben is Turning Basin Service, Inc.’s President and the majority owner. Karl participates in leadership, strategy, and contract decisions at the executive level for Turning Basin Service.

Karl joined Turning Basin Service in 1987 and has ensured the company’s long-term viability by instituting a culture of excellence, quality, and accountability. He continues to provide invaluable insight gained during his tenure in the vehicle processing business. Karl has been a stalwart leader for over 30 years and has built an outstanding leadership team that will sustain Turning Basin Service into the future.

Karl graduated from the Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

Diane Reichenbach

Vice President/General Manager/Owner

Diane Reichenbach is Turning Basin Service, Inc.’s Vice President and General Manager. Diane is responsible for leading operations, management, strategy, and finance at the executive level for Turning Basin Service.

Since joining Turning Basin Service in 2006, Diane has overseen the company’s transformation into a market leader in vehicle processing, emphasizing quality via ISO certification and building an exceptional team that sets the standard for client satisfaction.

Diane joined Turning Basin Service after spending 25+ years at Stewart Title Guaranty Company, where she participated in an outstanding period of global growth for the company, focusing on financing, planning and business development for Stewart’s international division.

Diane graduated from the University of Texas in Austin, Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Clayton R. Reichenbach

Vice President - Business Operations

Clay Reichenbach is Turning Basin Service's Vice President of Business Operations. Clay is responsible for driving the culture, vision, and direction of the entire company with a focus on consistently and systematically pushing performance, professionalism, technology, and value. He is innately curious, and actively uses this strength to challenge, support, and collaborate with each and every department within the organization. In addition, Clay believes strongly in energetic visibility from leadership, having developed and implemented a mindful, systematic approach to improving the company by improving people.

Clay brings sound, practical judgement and an exceptionally diverse background to the TBS executive team covering financial management and investments, operations and logistics, software development, strategy and risk management, sales and business development, human resources, legal and contract negotiation, product management, and marketing.

Clay joined Turning Basin Service from InSite Realty Partners where he served as Vice President, and helped lead the investment, leasing, and deposition of commercial projects of all asset types, creating hundreds of millions of dollars in value in the process.

Clay holds a management degree from Rice University in Houston, Texas. While at Rice, he competed as a member of the Rice Owl baseball team and was recognized as an Academic All-Conference team member and Rice University Honor Athlete. Clay maintains his ties to the university as a member of the Rice University Baseball Player Association.

Rosie Solis

Business Manager/Owner

Rosie Solis is Turning Basin Service, Inc.’s Business Manager and an Owner. Rosie is responsible for leading software strategy, office operations, and accounting for Turning Basin Service.

Rosie joined Turning Basin Service in 1984, and has been an instrumental member of our team since the company’s infancy. She helped create our proprietary software system and integrated it with operations, creating a seamless, real-time experience for our clients and partners. Her institutional knowledge of vehicle processing and understanding of customer expectations are invaluable to our overall success.

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